Music Naka - Background

Music makes its best impression when it is shared by a friend over a story.

We may find music through many sources - friends, experts, algorithms or serendipity, but we could never have discovered even half the music we know and love, if it weren’t for the many friends and countless writers who brought it to our attention.

Music can be appreciated as a creative process with respect to its rules. The better you understand the rules, the clearer you see the artist’s creation, navigating the rules and making a statement.

But music is also a medium for communicating and stimulating emotions, for conveying the prevailing mood, feelings, state of mind and even the sense of identity of the artist, and of the audience too. This is the reason why the stories around the music help us understand and appreciate it better. The stories at Music Naka aim to help you know more about this context, for you to discover the music or to connect more deeply with it, if it is already familiar to you.

The word naka means crossroads or square in Hindi. It is a place of gathering and conversations (and alas, also a place for the paying of tolls). In my teens, it used to be the fashion for young people to go to the naka to hang out, meet others, tell stories to one another and have a good time. It’s good to see you at Music Naka! If you like a story or if you have one to share, please write to me.

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