About me

Hi, I am Aravind. I am interested in using science, technology and design to create human value. I take care of technology at Sadharani Music Works where I try to apply technology to improve the presentation and documentation of Indian Classical music.

Prior to this I worked as a consultant with Modelicon Infotech where we worked on designing and implementing easy to use Drone Flight Control applications. Earlier at Samsung we designed a communications protocol and framework to enable the smartphone, smart watch, televisions and other accessories to talk to each other. Prior to that I was at General Motors where I worked on Vehicle-to-vehicle communications and security protocols for authentic message exchange in a broadcast setting.

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About this site

One may say the days of making a personal website have come and then gone. Now, it is almost an anachronism to have a personal website. It certainly wasn’t like that the first time I made a personal website, hosted on my college server. As an undergraduate at IIT Bombay, I built and maintained my webpage for about a year from June 2001 to June 2002. Here is a screenshot.

I made another attempt at a personal website, again hosted on my graduate school server, while I was at Purdue. This time I ran it from around January 2003 until December 2006, and even had it HTML4 compliant! Here is a screenshot.

It was quite a thing to make and maintain personal websites and blogs. In fact, I had an RSS feed full of lots of different people who used to blog with varying frequency and quality. Over time that has changed. The only blogs and websites that have survived are those that have found a focussed speciality and garnered viewership around that. Social media profiles take care of the rest of our needs to be seen and heard, socially and professionally.

Despite all this, I feel I need a place to organise my writing and showcase any other work I might do. I have written at Medium and also on LinkedIn, and I intend to continue doing so. But I like my own little corner. Have fun reading, and if you find something you like, please let me know! Cheers!


This site is built using the following tech:

  1. GatsbyJS - for generating the static pages of the site
  2. Lumen - the Gatsby starter for styling my site
  3. Github - for version control
  4. Netlify - for web hosting and continuous deployment from Github
  5. Visual Studio Code - for file editing
  6. Netlify CMS - for in-browser editing