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How I added Netlify CMS to my Website

I have been using Atom to edit markdown files to write new posts. But often, I have felt like using a simpler and less hard core editor. Netlify CMS is an open-source React app that wraps your Git workflow and provides a nice in-browser editing envir... Read more


How I made my Website with Jekyll

I almost used WordPress but came across Jekyll. It is a nerdy way to make a website, using terminal commands and text editing, but it's fun! There were several steps to complete, ranging from installing software, choosing a theme, connecting to Githu... Read more


Yet Another Solution to Related Posts in Jekyll

Jekyll supports related posts, if you enable LSI (Latent Semantic Indexing). It may not be possible to enable it, and if you do, site build times increase significantly and it doesn't work on documents in collections. You could use common tags and/or... Read more


An Equal Height Image Gallery for Jekyll

You can include a single image in Jekyll using Kramdown. If you want captions or hyperlinks, you need to use Liquid. Your Jekyll theme may come with includes which layout image grids, but what if the images are all of different aspect ratios. The sol... Read more


Jekyll Drafts with Shareable Links

Jekyll drafts are good for local previews, but don't work for public sharing. Here is a drafts implementation using the Jekyll collections feature. Define a drafts collection and use front matter defaults to tailor the layout of a draft, and to exclu... Read more

Music Naka

Red and Gold

To describe Autumn Leaves as a jazz standard is an understatement. It has a much wider appeal with covers by Eric Clapton, Bob Dylan and Seal. It is a song of nostalgia, of fond and yearning memories of a time of romance. But with legions of artists ... Read more

Just my Life

Human Machine Entanglement

Almost everything we do seems intended to enrich the digital world. Our photos, our messages, our updates, the news, our work documents, our data, our code, our reports, our slides — they make up our digital life and serve to feed the digital world. ... Read more

Only Human

What is work - labour of love or love of labour?

We use the word “work” quite freely and frequently in our conversations. But it is probably worth asking and contemplating, what work is exactly? We need to work. We need to be seen as working. We need to sweat. We need the fruits and also the fulfil... Read more

Just my Life

Between the Lines

I like drawings which are mostly made up of lines, and commonly fall in the categories of sketches, cartoons, schematics or diagrams. Being quite terrible at colouring, drawing class for me, consisted of the joy of capturing something in its outline ... Read more

Just my Life

Coffee, Chicory and Chicanery

I grew up to the smells and sounds of coffee in a household that roasted and ground its own coffee! But soon we went to chicory-blended coffee powder, more tea and less coffee, and at one stage even instant coffee! Serving coffee often involved the c... Read more